International Business

We contribute to the economic growth of developing countries by establishing overseas production bases for Japanese companies, mainly in Asia, and by participating in ODA.

We started our international business in the 1970s, since when we have been providing equipment and services in response to changing times and the needs of our customers.
Currently, we have offices in seven Asian countries where we are involved in "Electrical work""Air conditioning work""Plumbing system work" in production and commercial facilities such as factories, office buildings, and hotels, meeting a wide range of needs for new-builds, extensions and renovations. In addition to this, we undertake things like "Electric power / Telecommunication infrastructure work".
We also contribute to infrastructure development through ODA (official development assistance) and other means.

Electrical work

We install Power incoming、Feeder and mechanical power supply、Building monitoring、Lighting and outlet、Public address、Communication、Fire alarm system.

  • Power incoming system work

  • Installation of power cables running into buildings

Air conditioning work

We install air conditioning (from general air conditioners to Chiller system) and Fresh air supply、Exhaust air、Compressed air system.

  • Installation of air conditioning equipment

  • Air quality testing

Plumbing and sanitary system work

We install Water supply、Hot water supply、Sewer and drain、Sanitary fixtures、Process water supply system.

  • Process cooling water supply system work

  • Underground sewer piping work

Electric power / Telecommunication infrastructure work

We contribute to the improvement of people's lives and economic growth in developing countries by participating in power and communications infrastructure projects through ODA (official development assistance), using the technology and know-how we have cultivated in Japan. We also send our engineers to developing countries as part of technical cooperation projects to pass on to the people there the technology and know-how we have developed, such as Extra high voltage cable connection technology.

  • Members of our Power transmission/Power incoming work

  • Underground transmission work

  • Underground transmission work

  • Members of our railway signaling and communications works team

  • ODA technical cooperation projects

  • ODA technical cooperation projects

Our company's strengths

Japanese level of one-stop service

Japanese engineers with extensive overseas experience manage the site and ensure safe and high-quality construction to Japanese standards, providing a one-stop service covering proposal, design, costing, construction, inspection and maintenance. They are able to propose designs that meet local standards and regulations according to the customer's requirements. In addition to providing high-quality and safe equipment, they also offer long-term solutions for future maintenance and renewal.

Japanese level of technical education

We provide technical training for local engineers, teaching them the high standards of Japanese technology and know-how. In addition to technical guidance, we also focus on Japanese language education in order to develop local engineers who can speak Japanese.

We invite local engineers to Japan for technical and safety training at our "Education & Training Center""Safety Creation Center" training facilities. Our Japanese engineers, who have a wealth of experience in overseas construction work, also provide technical training to local engineers.

  • Technical training for overseas staff at our Education & Training Center

  • Technical training for overseas staff at our Education & Training Center

  • Technical training for overseas staff at our Education & Training Center

  • Safety training for overseas staff at our Safety Creation Center

  • On-site Japanese language education